In times in which we cannot connect with others, we still have ourselves. Warm Regards, the card deck is a thought-provoking question and prompt-based activity that encourages individuals to get to know themselves. By getting to know ourselves and explore our values,  we can each build a powerful foundation for connecting with others. 

Warm Regards, also offers postcards to send to friends and family. With similar prompts, the postcards actively create connections and send friendly reminders of love and appreciation. 


We all get a little lonely sometimes...


Hello! My name is Bri and this project was inspired by my psychology thesis on the prominence and detriments of prolonged loneliness. Research has shown that loneliness can cause damaging health and psychological effects like elevated blood pressure, cognitive decline, and even premature mortality! I hope to help people with this issue as nearly 30% of the American population report feeling chronically lonely. There's definitely no shame in needing others! 

Warm Regards, helps others shift their perceptions of themselves so that they can ground themselves, understand their worth, and build meaningful relationships with others.